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We design stuff. Hence our name: Designer Kollektiv. At the time it was different: in 1962 the founders started out in an empty Atomic Bomb shelter, designing creative concepts for their first clients. Artwork, Design, Photography and soon film as well. And to make things viable, there was a true sales rep chasing clients. A very successful team of 4 dedicated Designers: Dirk, Karel, Leo and Victor. Hence the name DKLV. Fastforward to now: we still create artwork, images, films and movies. The equipment has changed, creativity is still as alive as it was back then. We create things for you. Our motto: Design for you.Β 

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A young South African woman leaves everything behind and travels to New Zealand on a quest to find her father. Will she find him? Starring CelΓ© du Plessis from South Africa and Rob Flanagan from Australia. After a successful turn in New Zealand cinemas in May and June 2016, the movie is now released online via vimeo. The Dutch production, The Greenstone, is a fully independent movie shot in New Zealand. The story is about Jade, a young South African woman, who travels to new Zealand on a quest to find her biological father. She recently found out she has a father living in New Zealand after her mother passed away. Her mother presented her a small box that contains a few photos and a greenstone hanger. A koru shape of which Jade’s dad is supposed to have the other piece of the twin set. Jade only has his name, a 24 year old photograph and her instincts. She arrives on her own in New Zealand, sets off on a journey and meets all kinds of people that help her in the strangest ways sometimes.